Yoga is the union between the Body , Mind and the Spirit. Yoga creates balance in the body through developing strength and flexibility. Performance of each pose or posture (Asana) has specific physical benefits.Yoga is advised as the most beneficial relaxation technique even by the Modern Medicine.

The People who do not usually practice Yoga in our society Women, especially housewives, very commonly suffer from certain illnesses and disabilities like Obesity, Hyper tension, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis , Spondylosis etc... Children do not have the opportunity for physical exercises can develop Body discipline and many other benefits through proper Yoga Training.

We Offer Short Course Yoga Training Programme for Beginners. Yoga master Mr.Krishna Iyer who has over 25 years of experience in the field is the chief yoga trainer.There are seperate classes for women and childrens.

Body & Mind

The following are the contents of the programme.

  • Soorya Namaskar

  • Breathing Exercises (Two types)

  • Basic Twelve Yogasanas.

Interested Persons may choose any of the Timings and contact the following Telephone numbers for Registering their names.

9388899097 / 0471 2556060

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