I am Ruth Roberts fro UK.. had an amazing experience with Ayushmanbhava, found the treatment very useful. Will be back again!!!

Ruth Roberts

I have been taking different modes of Treatments from Ayurveda since 2 months.Abhyangam, Dhara, etc. I found it good all the time. Hanako Teramachi

Hanako Teramachi

Excellent! Relaxing experience! Friendly staff! Will come again! Thank You……

Nozomi from Japan

I am Satomi…. Thank you for all! The Doctor and staff were very nice and co-operative …..the treatment helped me a lot. I also learned Ayurveda theory and practical. It helped me for starting an Ayurveda centre in Tokyo.

Satomi from Tokyo

"What a treatment, I was so wowed and will definitely come back with my hubby. Relaxing, Thank you to the team members".

Tshidi Monaledi from South Africa

I feel at home...i could enjoy the therapeutic effect of ayurveda. Very friendly staff..well equipped and spacious room for our stay..i really enjoyed it.

Ponama Jacquiline ( France )

It was refreshing, professional and worthwhile returning on my next visit to kerala. I really enjoyed the treatment. Thank you

Yoko Oya (Japan)

This is our first experience in Ayurveda.. Great massage . Amazing experience!!!!! Thankyou.

Samuel n Marie (France)

It was a really good and different experience. Highly recomended and definitely want to come back. Thank you.

Ms Charmayn Singapore

Thankyou so much. I am so happy and peaceful to be here. loved the doctor therapist and all the staff. I hope to come here again.

Atsuko Rikukawa(Japan)

The treatment was very relaxing and rejuvinating....very calm atmosphere...hospitality was very good. Love to come and stay again. Thank you

Ponama Elizabeth (France)

Really Relaxing,Nice and Very helpful treatment.

Ms.Anna Burkard Germany

Yong Cho.Settled in USA. I am from korea….It was fantastic and relaxing…

Yong Cho

I am Peche Marie from France. I took 2 days of treatment from ayushmanbhava,Trivandrum.It gave me more benefit than I expected.

Peche Marie

An amazing massage, really wonderful Experience…..Thank you so much.

Love from Rebecca Atteby…

Thank you so much for such a lovely experience…

Melani Nana from England

I Eexperienced very good treatment, homely food and friendly atmosphere. Thank you.

Wilfried Basedau (Germany)

" Very Good....."

Mr. Thani Alfalasi Dubai

I really loved my stay in AYUSHMANBHAVA. The staff was very friendly and dedicated. The ayurvedic treatment was very beneficial to me. It was my first trip to India. Had and amazing experience

Natsuko Kashiwagi (Japan)

We had good yoga practice with nice and comfortable stay.

Ms Anne and Ms Amanda(Denmark)

My stay at the ayurvedic center AYUSHMANBHAVA is a real delight! I was charmed right from the beginning by the reception and spontaneity of Doctor Babhitha and her team. Finally, the food served honours the Kerala cuisine. It is excellent! A big thank you to everyone!

Miegemolle from France

It our my first experience with Ayurveda, it was great!! Was a pleasure to have treatment here.

Mr Pierrot and Mrs Calon France

It was an amazing experience for me!! Dhara and Abhyangam was very good. Thankyou!

Ms Kayoko Fuukawa (Consulate-General of Japan at Chennai) Japan

" Great experience and very relaxing. Thank you so much !"

Ms.Myriam Tobollik and Ms.Amelie Masemann Germany

I am from Japan..Myself Yuriko Sueinatsu. This is the first time I am taking ayurveda treatment.I enjoyed a lot through this treatment.The centre is very good and I love it.I plan to come again here. Bye..

Yuriko Sueinatsu

I found the treatment in Ayushmanbhava, Trivandrum very exciting and soothing…The ambience is too good.The Oil Massage is really rejuvenating…Blanca de (France)

Blanca de (France)

Thank you so much….Its so great! With love…

Izumi Ninomiya

Perfect! It was so nice experience here!. Love to come and stay again.

Mie sakihara from Japan

The treatment was very rejuvinative and relaxing. It was a lovely experience. Will be back next year

Janelle Bray (Australia)

It was extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Thank you

Richard Borthwich (Australia)

An amazing treatment. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. Superb!!!!!!

Heather Potter from England

I have got very good time and care. Good relaxing massages. Precious comfort and welcome. I will come back with my friends.

Marie Deleage(France)

Had Great Experience,Helpful,Relaxing.

Mr.Robert Koller Switzerland

It was a very relaxing experience. will come back again!!

Ms Mira Ran Israel

I find the people here very Hospitable, Warm and Sweet........!!I love this place so much"......

Ms.Risa Yamashita Japan

" Enjoyable and really relaxing."

Mr.John O Connor USA

"Very good !!!! Thank you very much for teach me about Ayurveda:!"

Ms.Kitao Mirai Japan

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