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Ayushman Bhava, Ayurvedic Centre is located at PJRRA-55, Pothujanam Road, Kumarapuram, Medical College.P.O., Thiruvananthapuram. The Hospital is built in a cool and comfortable property without any din and bustle of the city. The lush green trees and herbs give an alluring ambience for the Guests reaching there for the Treatment.

We have developed a Herbal garden with some of the very important ayurvedic medicinal plants and herbs. Display boards with the it’s at a glance. Sanskrit, English, Malayalam and botanical names are kept along with the plants to give information.

We have been running a YOGA CENTRE in the same campus. Providing scientific and systematic yoga practice to the common public and patients attending the ayurvedic centre.

Dr. Ambili Venugopalan G.

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery( BAMS)

Undertakes Ayurvedic Treatment here after thorough clinical examination and investigations.

psychological processes within the body and mind – dynamic forces that determine growth and decay. Every physical characteristic, mental capacity and the emotional tendency of a human being can therefore be explained in terms of the tridoshas.

He has also managed a lot of patients with different types of joint pains by treating with special medicated bandaging and other Kerala Traditional Ayurveda Medications and Procedures.Other areas of skilled management Expertise in Chronic arthritis, Diabetes,Depression as well as Skin related problems.He has been working as a Medical Officer in Himalayan Panchakarma Centre at Pokra, Nepal.

He takes care of his patients with care, compassion, love and responsibility.

world class Facilities

  • Experienced
    Ayurvedic Physician

  • Experienced Male
    & Female Therapists

  • Panchakarma Theatres
    with original Droni etc

  • Accomodation